Main Beach

Located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, this project entailed the renovation of an existing historic fieldhouse and beach/bathing facility along with the addition of two building wings consisting of locker rooms, activity spaces, offices and food service facilities.

The project started when drivearchitecture was asked to replace a design firm that failed to understand either the historic significance of this building or its structural integrity, having suggested that the it be torn down because it was functionally obsolete and had a failing foundation system, when neither was true.

First and foremost it was obvious, even upon our initial inspection, that the existing building was structurally sound, and after a few meetings with the client it became obvious also that with a modest alteration to the park district’s course schedule the building was more than adequate to serve the communities needs. Because the building was an important piece of the communities history our recommendation was to restore the central building to its original condition by reinstalling clay tile on the roof, in lieu of asphalt shingles that were installed when the original tile was removed, and reinstalling windows configured to match the existing steel windows, in lieu of windows that were haphazardly installed during previous remodeling.

Our recommendation for the additions was to stay within the formal context of the original wings by removing high pitched gable roofs, (part of previous remodeling) and return to the ‘garden wall with a clay tile cap’ that existed originally.

drivearchitecture provided complete architectural services including strategic planning, space planning and building planning along with structural and MEP engineering. We also provided lighting design and selected and specified all of the fixtures, finishes, furnishing and equipment.