Indianapolis Canal Hotel

This project site is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis on an historic canal that was partially redeveloped as a river-walk, an amenity for the city. In an effort to stimulate further development of this environment the city staged an ‘invitation only’ competition where several interested hotel developers and operators were asked to submit credentials and project design solutions. As a result the city expected to select one of the developers to partner with and complete the selected project.

drivearchitecture was the design partner working with the development team of Peeples Real Estate Development and the hotel developer/operator Lodgeworks. Our solution, pictured in this slide show, is based on many style and format requests made by the developers, as well as within compelling site constraints such as an existing museum facility across the canal and a 40% embankment leading down to the water. Using best practices in urban planning drivearchitecture accomplished the goal of developing an exciting exterior space as well as a strong connection to the city, not to mention a high energy hotel/restaurant and convention environment.

Even though this solution, and the developer, was selected as the preferred team, the 2008 recession had begun and ended the city’s plans to pursue this endeavor.