Office Design:
Corporate Interiors

Over five million square feet of offices and office interiors designed including open office space, private office suites, conference rooms and conference centers, computer rooms, mail rooms, document processing centers, call centers, cafeterias, cafes and break rooms.

Hospitality Design:
Hotels & Restaurants

Over 75 restaurants and food service facilities designed including entry and waiting areas, bars, seating areas, kitchens and wait staff support spaces, wine cellars, food storage and prep space, delivery and receiving spaces and staff offices. Hotel projects including parking structures, lobby’s, restaurants, conference centers and room design.

Residential Design:
Multi & Single Family

Over 300 residential projects completed including multifamily projects; duplex row homes, muli-unit row houses, mixed use environments, mid rise condominiums and high rise apartments. Single family projects including new construction, renovations, additions and historic restoration.

Institutional Design & Special Projects

Design projects undertaken requiring special knowledge such as health care facilities or requiring research and development such as the renovation of historic buildings or the design of computer and server centers.