drivearchitecture’s services include multiple layers of design expertise…

First, we understand the fundamental nature of human behavior particularly how people use and move through space, react to light and color, perceive walls and windows, solids and voids, surface and texture, and in the end, react with each other. This knowledge makes us exceedingly adept at interpreting our client’s goals and meeting their needs with functional yet imaginative planning and development strategies.

Secondly, our expertise in fitting buildings to sites or marrying additions to existing structures, or structures to communities is unparalleled. We are adept at understanding the context of our projects and being able to weave our planning and design strategies into that context. Quite often the edges of our work are blurred to the extent that where an old project stops and the new one begins is difficult to determine.

Thirdly, our experience with building systems and materials allows us to design within the confines of reality. A building is only as good as the capacity to build it, particularly within our client’s expectations.

Design Services

Quantitative spreadsheet analysis of owners goals
Review of zoning restrictions, building codes and energy use
Preparation of flow diagrams representing the program elements

Schematic Design
Preparation of preliminary space plans, floor plans and building elevations.

Design Development
Preparation of the detailed floor plans and building exterior elevations.

Construction Documents
Specification of materials and architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural systems

Construction Related Services

Bidding & Negotiating
Solicitation, analysis and review of bids for construction

Contract Administration
Review construction progress and assist in the communication between the parties