Single Family Residence AH2

This single family home was developed by Arcadia Ventures LLC, a sister company of drivearchitecture established and managed by the principal architect of drivearchitecture in 2004.

The project pictured here was designed for a lot in Arlington Heights, completed and sold in 2006 before the crash of the housing market in September of 2008. As with the project AH3 this home was developed primarily because of its location close to the urban center of Arlington Heights and public transportation. It also had an existing, small, and functionally obsolete home on the site that was removed in order to develop this project. Similar also this house is 400 square feet smaller than allowed by the zoning code leading to the home being in balance with it’s site and neighboring homes.

This home was just resold in December of 2011, within 7 days of listing, for 94% of the original sales price. According to local real estate agents this home held its value due to the livability/arrangement and design of the interior spaces, the fact that it was appropriately sized for the location, i.e., not overdeveloped, and that it’s a short walk to public transportation and other urban amenities.