Single Family Residence AH109

Project: New Single Family Residence
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Progress Update: 4.15.15
Status: Construction to commence May 2015

Initially designed as an energy efficient remodeling of an existing residence this model floor plan and exterior became the prototype for one of our notions of a 21st Century home. Designed for quality rather than quantity and with a high degree of pragmatism this 2,600 SF house provides all of the space, amenities and flexibility necessary to meet the needs of various family configurations. With the potential for two master suites on the second floor as well as up to 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on the 2 main floors this home is geared to adapt to different living arrangements among same-family members as well as different-family members. As we at drivearchitecture see it the pressure of economic contraction and ecologic collapse will require that homes be designed to be energy producers, not users, and be capable of comfortably housing more people than might be found in different economic times and under different environmental conditions. As it is however now is the time to discover new ways of developing homes and communities both in an effort to mitigate environmental disaster and respond to future geopolitical and socioeconomic challenges.

Other salient points in this single family home scheme: design as much as practical to meet ‘Passive House’ energy saving design criteria (insulation, windows, doors, etc); provide a high efficiency ground source electric heat pump for heating and cooling the home (for what little requirement there is after applying ‘Passive House’ design methods); provide a photovoltaic array to offset electrical use and feed energy back to the grid; site the home within walking distance of public transportation.

This prototype is situated in an historic walkable neighborhood and near public transportation consequently a ‘new urbanist’ approach has been taken weaving the style of the house into the vernacular of the neighborhood.